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Ways to Keep a Man Interested

1) Stay Independent
 Now I know when you fall in love you want to spend every waking hour with eachother and it's hard to do otherwise, but keeping in touch with your friends, continuing with hobbies and spending some time away from your boyfriend can only make the relationship grow stronger. Men admire women who have their own lives, those who don't give up everything to become his lapdog. Men love independence in a woman, in her opinions and in her lifestyle. Don't agree with everything he says to please him. Men love a challenge, so speak your mind even if he does disagree.

2) Be confident
Sex symbol Sofia Loren once said 'sexiness is 50% what you have and 50% what other people think you have'. Sexiness is an attitude, not a particular look. The prettiest woman in the world may not necessarily be sexy, so make the most of what you have and ooze with confidence. Confidence is a big turn on for men, they like a woman who is sure of themselves.

3)Don't be too available
 Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you are always by his side he wont have chance to miss you and it is likely he will take you for granted. Spend some time away from him and watch him compete for your attention and see his love grow stronger. Keep him on the tip of his toes.

4) Love yourself
 The famous saying is true 'if you don't love yourself a man can't love you'. You need to be sure of yourself and love yourself and this way you won't allow yourself to ever be treated like shit and you won't put up with men who try to take advantage of those who have low self esteem. Love every part of yourself. If you have a big arse or a big nose, so what? It makes you who you the person you are, if he doesn't like it then he is not worth the time of day. The body is a wonderful machine and every part of it, big or small should be looked after.

5)Compliment him
 All men need compliments as do we women, maybe even more. If he makes you laugh, tell him he is hilarious. If he looks sexy tell him he is gorgeous. You would expect the same and men aren't different to women in this respect. They do have bigger egos so the more compliments the better!

6) Don't ever give everything too soon
Keep part of you for yourself. If you give up everything to be with him, you will have nothing if the relationship comes to an end which will make the healing process 100 times worse. Dont make him the only important thing in your life and NEVER give up your dreams for him, if he wants you to, he doesn't love you. Men love mystery so don't divulge your innermost secrets all at once.

Haha listen to me, I sound like some love guru or man-trainer. I am still working on those rules myself but I have seen them work and the best relationships function with these rules in place ;)


Eating Disorders for people who want help

Now I know that no matter what anyone says to you it doesn't register, I used to be the same, ''you are too skinny'', ''you will make yourself ill'' and the worst ''just eat something!'' When you aren't in the situation or never have been in it, it is impossible to understand. When you read symptoms of anorexia saying ''subject wears baggy clothes to hide weight loss'' ...WRONG, subject wears baggy clothes to hide how 'fat' she is. I don't know what the aim of this is to be honest, most stories are complete horror stories about being hospitalised which in general, make you feel 1000 times worse. I don't know, I just hope someone reads this and gets something from it.

An eating disorder is the lonliest disease in the world, food is the body's fuel, thats all, yet it is your biggest enemy. So much time is spent obsessing about it, so much time is spent hating and avoiding it. I always had a great appetite, I loved food so much as a person should love food, i ate food to make my body function, to stay alive, yet i spent years in a constant battle with it. How can a person go from loving food to hating it?

My anorexia started from a diet which spiralled out of control, or so I believe thats how it started. I knew every trick in the book on how to avoid food, lie about food and there was not a calorie content to a food i didn't know. Like all of you, I lost a huge amount of weight, friends and family were worried and most importantly i was alone, not physically but mentally. Nobody understood. Why could everyone else eat food and stay so skinny? I craved food, I was constantly hungry and being so dizzy was like being on a different planet most of the time.
I remember walking past a shop window and catching a glimpse of myself and i looked disgustingly thin yet when i looked again when i was consciously aware that i was looking at myself, i was fat, this is sheer proof that it is all in the mind...yet that wasn't enough.

I would lie awake at night feeling how slow my heart had become, how cold my body was, how my bones were crumbling as i walked yet i carried on knowing perfectly well what I was doing to myself. That is the frustrating part, you know it's wrong but you cannot seem to stop. As months passed I was reading horror stories and the bad complications of anorexia and it started to really stress me out. At one point I was rushed into A+E because I thought I was having a heart attack, I was so scared, more scared than I was of food, I was more scared of dying than eating food. It turns out it was 'just' a panic attack, which was the start of repeated panic attacks, which I believe saved me from anorexia. It is unfortunate that I had to stare death in the face to realise that I would rather be fat than lose my life. And that was the way I had to put it, plain, simple and bluntly...fat or die.

I made myself eat and you know what, it was hard, it was horrible in fact,at first. It was the second worst thing that could happen to me but I knew if I didn't then the first worst thing that could happen would. After a year I was eating normally, regaining my energy and feeling alive for a change, not a walking corpse. Carbohydrates stimulate serotonin which is the neurotransmitter which when scarce causes depression and thus anorexia. I am not eating normally, my weight is healthy and stable, I am happy in myself and anorexia can be overcome and you can be happy with food. It is a hard struggle and I can't tell anyone what to do because I never listened to anyone, I had to listen to my common sense and fears and I decided I had to work with anorexia rather than against it, rather than it being an enemy it had to become one of those people you don't like but put up with because you have to.

At the end of the day every person is different and each of you will make it through. The fact you are part of this group shows you want help and that is the first step to recovery.


Bitter Manks

How on earth can Roma lose 7-1? What a joke. Of all people to lose to it had to be the manks. Bitter bastards, all night they were singing songs about us ''without murdering anyone we won it 6 times'' ...how many leagues and european cups have they won? :D Not as many as us!

I have to say though, they did play well even though Roma were no match for them, they wouldn't have even been a match for a team lead by the eggheads either. Ronaldo is pure class even though he is a diving twat, he is definitely the best player in the world at this moment in time. 

Anyway enough about the dirty manks, we play tonight and hopefully we can have a repeat performance of last week.It's a shame Kuyt is out though, he is an excellent player who never gives up. Aurelio too, he has been playing really well recently. I don't think Crouch should start to be honest, although he scored that hat trick the other week, I would rather see Bellamy start. We are definitely through unless some sort of disaster strikes and unfortunately we have got to play Chelsea, I would rather us be the only English team left in the competition but there are 3 now. It could even be an all English final but hopefully it won't come to that and the Manks get knocked out by Milan (who I think will go through - it's anyones guess) who will hopefully put on a better performance than Roma.

I'll tell you who looks quite good, that Mascherano, he seems quite a hard player and doesn't stop running, at bit like Bellamy.

I can't wait for the match to see our lads in action :D 


Come on!!!!




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